The Joyous Union of Bitcoin and Mobile Phones

By: Soha Ali

Cryptocurrency and smartphones are married to each other whether we like it or not. One is the first successfully implemented form of digital hard money and the other is a mini-supercomputer in your pocket. It makes sense why two futuristic technologies would eventually join hands.

The seamless integration of crypto into smartphones is exactly what the SIKURPhone (read: Secure Phone) is all about. Although we have told you about crypto-supported smartphones before, none of them have been as innovative as the SIKURPhone (neither have they been so badly named.)

This device is a successor to the 2016 GranitePhone – the supposed world’s most secure smartphone. But this time, there’s a crypto twist in the mix.

The company embraced the blockchain trends and added advanced crypto functionality into the device by integrating a cold storage wallet. So you can keep all your cryptocurrency on the phone and carry it with you wherever you want. With this you can track your current balance, store currencies on SIKUR’s cloud, check the pricing for different cryptocurrencies, or read the crypto-related news in a special newsfeed space.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone want to store sensitive financial data on a smartphone, a device that’s usually so prone to being hacked or misplaced? Well, that brings us to the extensive security that the SIKURPhone has in it:

The Unhackable Phone

The company gave their devices to HackerOne, a company that is famous for testing vulnerabilities in software, to see if they could expose any problems and hack the device. Long story short, they tried for 2 months and failed. That should tell you just how secure your crypto-monies are going to be!

Other than that, the device has advanced remote wipe features so in the event that you lose your SIKURPhone or it gets stolen, you can completely remove any traces of your information from it, thus protecting your cryptocurrency.


SIKURPhone – Beyond a Cryptocurrency Wallet and Ready for Financial Transactions

By: sikur

Whilst Sikurs competitors are promising to release secure blockchain devices, Sikur is already delivering a full and innovative operating system experience. SikurOS is powering devices that can deliver much more than secure cryptocurrency wallets and other gadgets to protect assets.

2018 has been an incredible year for us – from the rush of launching SIKURPhone at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, to porting SikurOS to different hardware. It has been an exciting journey and we still have more to come, said Alexandre Vasconcelos, Sikurs COO.

SikurOS is a very innovative model, although its concepts are widely available. An operating system that is capable of effectively protecting user data is an approach that has taken SIKURPhone to the next level. Combining safety with convenience is a challenge that Sikurs research and development team face every day.

According to Group-IB, more than $882 million in cryptocurrency assets was lost to fraud and hacks in 2017 and 2018, mostly in the Asian market, including the over $500 million hack of Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck. Protecting cryptocurrency coins for the regular investor with simplicity and usability is already possible with SIKURPhone.

After passing rigorous tests by HackerOne with a bug bounty program, securing cryptocurrency is a challenge that SIKURPhone has already overcome. Sikur is now daring to take it a step further with the Trading Station concept.


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Sikur lança solução que traz camada adicional para aplicações críticas

By: TI Inside Online

Embora os concorrentes da Sikur estejam prometendo lançar dispositivos blockchain seguros, a Sikur já está oferecendo um sistema operacional completo para uso de carteiras de criptomoedas seguras e outros gadgets para proteger ativos.

“2018 tem sido um ano incrível para nós – desde a corrida de lançamento do SIKURPhone no Mobile World Congress, em Barcelona, ??até a portabilidade do SikurOS para diferentes hardwares. Foi uma jornada emocionante e ainda temos mais por vir”, disse Alexandre Vasconcelos, COO da Sikur.

“O SikurOS é um modelo muito inovador, embora seus conceitos estejam amplamente disponíveis. Um sistema operacional capaz de proteger efetivamente os dados do usuário é uma abordagem que levou o SIKURPhone a combinar segurança com conveniência, um desafio que a equipe de pesquisa e desenvolvimento da Sikur enfrenta todos os dias”, completa.

De acordo com o Group-IB, mais de US$ 882 milhões em ativos de criptomoeda foram perdidos para fraudes e hackers em 2017 e 2018, principalmente no mercado asiático, incluindo os mais de US$ 500 milhões do Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck. Proteger moedas de criptomoedas para o investidor regular com simplicidade e usabilidade é o que promete o SIKURPhone.

Depois de passar por testes rigorosos da HackerOne com um programa de recompensas de bugs, garantir a criptomoeda é um desafio que a SIKURPhone já superou. Sikur está agora se atrevendo a dar um passo adiante com o conceito de Trading Station.

“O mercado financeiro é dinâmico e está em constante mudança. Os números de fraude e perda continuam aumentando à medida que a variedade de métodos de transação digital cresce. As soluções existentes não fornecem flexibilidade, usabilidade e segurança suficientes para o usuário moderno. A Sikur’s Trading Station usa a força do SikurOS e fornece camadas extras de segurança para aplicativos financeiros que exigem proteção máxima. Também introduz liberdade e flexibilidade para realizar operações de qualquer lugar, sem a necessidade de estar em escritórios ou redes altamente protegidas. As ações de trading, mobile banking e mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) são alguns exemplos do mundo real onde a SIKURPhone pode fazer uma grande diferença para a indústria”, disse Fabio Fischer, vice-presidente executivo da Sikur.

Proteger dados localmente e na nuvem é uma alta prioridade para empresas e governos. Portanto, ter aplicativos conhecidos nesses dispositivos está se tornando obrigatório, pois a segurança preocupa mais pessoas a cada ano.

“Na Sikur, a inovação faz parte do nosso DNA. Estamos sempre procurando criar. Essa energia dá a todos mais poder e determinação para progredir. O conceito de Trading Station vem dessa maneira de pensar”, diz Alexandre Stumpf, CTO da Sikur.


SIKURPhone – 仮想通貨ウォレットを超えて金融取引の準備が整う

By: Business Wire

  • SIKURPhone – ファースト・クラスのセキュリティーを備えたハイエンド・スマートフォンの利便性
  • セキュア・コミュニケーション市場で先頭を歩むデバイス
  • オペレーティングシステムのSikurOSがセキュリティー思想の基盤

ロンドン–(BUSINESS WIRE)– (ビジネスワイヤ) — Sikurの競合企業はセキュアなブロックチェーン・デバイスを発表すると約束している段階ですが、Sikurは、完全な革新的なオペレーティングシステムの体験を既に提供しています。SikurOSは、安全な仮想通貨ウォレットや資産を守るためのその他のガジェット以上のものを多数もたらすことができるデバイスで使用されています。

「2018年は私たちにとって信じられない年となっています。バルセロナで行われたモバイル・ワールド・コングレスでSIKURPhoneを発表してから、SikurOSを異なるハードウェアに移植するまで前進しました。これまで活発な作業が続いてきましたが、まだ新たなものが控えています」と、Sikur最高執行責任者(COO)のAlexandre Vasconcelosは述べています。




「金融市場は動的なものであり、常に変化しています。デジタル取引方法の種類が拡大するにつれて、詐欺や紛失事件の数は増加を続けています。これまでのソリューションでは、現代のユーザーが必要とする柔軟性、容易さ、セキュリティーを十分に提供することができません。Sikurのトレーディング・ステーションはSikurOSの能力を利用し、最高度の保護を必要とする金融アプリに追加的なセキュリティー・レイヤーを提供します。どの場所にいても操作を実行できる自由と柔軟性も実現し、オフィスや高度に保護されたネットワークから操作する必要はなくなります。株式の取引、モバイル・バンキング、mPOS(モバイル販売)は、SIKURPhoneが業界で大きな改革を起こすことのできる実際的事例の一部です」と、SikurのエグゼクティブVPのFabio Fischerは語っています。


「Sikurでは、イノベーションが浸透しています。私たちは常に創造を目指しています。このエネルギーが、前進するために必要なパワーと決意を全員に与えています。トレーディング・ステーションのコンセプトはこのような考え方から出てきたものです」と、SikurのCTOのAlexandre Stumpfは述べています。


Sikurphone – najbezpečnejší spôsob komunikácie bez obáv z odposluchu citlivých informácií

By: Redakcia touchit

Řadě společností i osob záleží na důsledném zabezpečení informací. Běžně používané způsoby komunikace poskytují však dobře vybaveným útočníkům možnosti, jak textové zprávy, telefonní hovory a sdílené soubory zachytávat. Platforma Sikur dostupná s pečlivě vybranými telefony či ve formě aplikace pro běžně používané operační systémy nabízí způsob mimořádně zabezpečené komunikace ověřený nejlepšími hackery.

Společnost Satomar, distributor vybraných produktů z oblasti komunikačních a informačních technologií, představuje na našem trhu telefony SikurPhone a komplexní platformu Sikur, která představuje nejbezpečnější způsob osobní a firemní komunikace. Toto řešení je určeno pro každého, komu záleží na důsledném uchování svého soukromí.

SikurPhone je samostatný ekosystém bezpečné privátní komunikace mezi všemi zařízeními vybavenými příslušným operačním systémem nebo aplikací s možností propojení i se všemi dalšími mobilní telefony, tablety a počítači. Díky úzké spolupráci se společností Sony jsou základem tohoto ekosystému dva modely smartphonů Sony, na které je nainstalován vlastní operační systém SikurOS založený na Androidu. Ten umožňuje šifrované a zabezpečené spojení splňující nejvyšší bezpečnostní kritéria mezi zařízeními SikurPhone či staršími GranitePhone. Kromě popsaného hardware mohou být díky speciální aplikaci do zabezpečeného systému připojena také další zařízení s operačními systémy Android, iOS či Windows.

Bezpečná komunikace prověřená hackery

Zajištění diskrétnosti spočívá ve vysoce propracovaném a sofistikovaném formátu kódování informací s využitím několika bezpečnostních vrstev. Platforma SikurPhone zahrnuje vlastní zabezpečenou nadstavbu operačního systému Android – SikurOS – která díky propracovanému řešení eliminuje nutnost využívání VPN či firewallu. SikurOS je dostupný buď předem předinstalovaný v sadě s jedním z ověřených mobilních telefonů pocházejících z dílny Sony, nebo pak prostřednictvím aplikace, kterou je možné získat na běžně používaných obchodech Google Play, App Store či na stránkách výrobce Bezpečná komunikace je zajištěna pouze mezi zařízeními využívající Sikur OS. Samozřejmostí je však zachování všech dalších způsobů komunikace mimo platformu Sikur na smartphonech a počítačích.

Neoddělitelnou součástí SikurOS je také sada ověřených aplikací, jako internetový prohlížeč, e-mailový klient, populární komunikační nástroj WhatsApp, zpravodajská aplikace shrnující nejnovější zprávy z hlavních mediálních kanálů po celém světě a další, s jejichž využitím lze zabezpečit textovou osobní i e-mailovou komunikaci včetně skupinové, sdílení souborů, telefonní hovory i video konference. Po testování a schválení se součástí tohoto nejbezpečnějšího běžně dostupného ekosystému může stát jakákoli další aplikace libovolného vývojového týmu.

Algoritmus šifrování dat i bezpečnost celé platformy SikurPhone byla úspěšně prověřena organizací HackerOne, která ve spolupráci s nejlepšími hackery pomáhá výrobcům ověřit jejich bezpečnostní prvky. Bezpečnost byla prověřena reálným testováním, během něhož nebyly komunikační protokoly prolomeny. Společnost Gartner označila výrobce Sikur jako dodavatele, který má v tomto technologickém segmentu příslušná řešení.


Este móvil es una cartera ultra segura para criptomonedas.


El auge de las criptomonedas estás crean en sí mismo nuevos segmentos y nichos de mercado en la escena móvil. Los móviles ultra seguros y encriptados siempre han existido, pero con el paso del tiempo se van adaptando a las nuevas tecnologías y tendencias. Y en esta ocasión desde la compañía SIKUR han querido crear un móvil de gama media ultra seguroorientado a las criptomonedas. O lo que es lo mismo, un dispositivo tan seguro que podemos llevar en él todo lo referente a nuestras inversiones en estas monedas virtuales sin temor ataques y hackeos.

Es imposible de hackear

La mayor amenaza para nuestra cartera de criptomonedas son los hackeos, y precisamente este móvil lo que nos ofrece es una seguridad total a la hora de gestionar nuestra cartera de Bitcoin u otra criptomoneda.

Por eso desde SIKUR aseguran que su móvil no se puede hackear. De hecho ofrecieron a una empresa con grandes conocimientos en hackeos, como es HackerOne ,dos meses para hackear este móvil, y les fue imposible. Por lo demás cuenta con un procesador de gama media MediaTek, 4GB de RAM, pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas Full HD, Android 7 y la imposibilidad de instalar otras apps que no sean de SIKUR. Sólo se venderán 20000 unidades a un precio de 800 dólares, muy elevado, pero en este caso justificado, porque pagamos en seguridad para nuestras criptomonedas.


This Secure Phone Has a Built-In Cryptocurrency Wallet

By: Rob Marvin

Encrypted device maker Sikur’s new secure smartphone sports a native cryptocurrency wallet. Should you trust it?

BARCELONA—Smartphone makers will never stop trying to one-up each other on security features, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before one capitalized on the cryptocurrency boom and built an encrypted wallet app right into the phone.

Brazilian security software and encrypted device maker Sikur announced its new secure SikurPhone here at Mobile World Congress, which includes a built-in cryptocurrency wallet called SikurWallet. It can track token prices, create multiple wallets for different cryptocurrencies, and sync with exchange platforms such as Coinbase.

Sikur is all about security, and the cryptocurrency wallet is among many encrypted features on the device, including end-to-end encrypted messaging and chats, browsing, and voice and video calls. The SikurPhone is an evolution of the company’s Granite smartphone released in 2015, upgraded with a new user interface. Specs-wise, the SikurPhone has a 5.5-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera, and a 2800mAh battery.

Sikur launched a bug bounty program through HackerOne to see if the SikurPhone could be hacked. Two months later, the platform’s global collective of hackers hasn’t cracked the phone, nor stolen any cryptocurrency from the wallet apps. The company said it’s establishing a permanent program with HackerOne to continue testing new versions of the software.

SikurPhone is available for pre-order starting at $799; the first units are expected in August. Take a closer look at the SikurPhone and its built-in cryptocurrency wallet below.


SikurPhone With a Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet Unveiled at MWC 2018.

By: Jagmeet Singh

A long time after launching its security-focused GranitePhone, Brazil’s Sikur at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona on Tuesday brought the SikurPhone that helps you protect your cryptocurrency. The new smartphone comes with a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet and includes cloud integration to securely store various cryptocurrencies under one roof. Pre-orders for 20,000 units for the SikurPhone have already started at a promotional price of $799 (roughly Rs. 52,100), while the units will ship sometime in August this year.

The SikurPhone is touted to be “hack proof”, protecting user data as well as cryptocurrencies from hackers. To test how the phone can protect users, Sikur hired ethical hackers from bug bounty company HackerOne between November and December who were failed to gain access to any information, as per COO Alexandre Vasconcelos. The company deployed a custom Android version on SikurPhone, which it calls SikurOS, that doesn’t allow you to install any of the third-party apps on your own. This doesn’t mean that the smartphone won’t support your favourite apps – you instead need to ask the Sikur team to configure the apps individually.

Vasconcelos, in an interaction with CNET, pointed out that while the SikurPhone is designed to protect user data, it will not give the same tough protection to save criminals. The executive highlighted that the company would disable access to its services if it gets hints of any criminal behaviour of a user. In a separate interview with Mashable, Vasconcelos revealed that the Sikur will not only secure your digital currencies through its cloud-connected wallet but will also remotely wipe the data in case if you lose your phone to protect your money. “If you lose your phone, we can remotely wipe it for you. You can get a new one, log in, and your funds will be safe, as your private keys are stored in our cloud,” he said.

The SikurPhone additionally includes fingerprint authentication, and the preloaded wallet offers up-to-date market information about pricing, cryptocurrency news, and quotes. The wallet also has multisignature (P2SH) and multiple wallet support to give you an extensive cryptocurrency platform.

On the specification side, the Android 7.0 Nougat-based SikurPhone features a 5.5-inch full-HD display with Gorilla Glass protection on top. It is powered by a MediaTek MT6750 SoC, coupled with 4GB of RAM and has 13-megapixel rear camera sensor and a front camera sensor. Also, there is 64GB of onboard storage and a 2800mAh battery.


SikurPhone packs built-in ‘hack-proof’ cryptocurrency wallet.

By: Katie Collins

If you’ve recently amassed a cryptocurrency fortune and need a secure phone to manage it, look no further than the SikurPhone.

Are you paranoid about security and sitting on a cryptocurrency fortune?

Brazilian company Sikur unveiled a phone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday that might be just right for you.

The SikurPhone is the successor to Sikur’s GranitePhone, which it launched two years ago at the show. It offers the same supposedly “impenetrable security”, but with an updated interface and the ability to seamlessly store cryptos on Sikur’s secure cloud.

“Securely storing information on our devices is one of our strong points,” said Sikur SEO Cristiano Iop in a statement. “We succeeded with browser and messaging security. Then we asked, why not do it with cryptocurrency?”

Sikur claims its fully encrypted phone is “hack proof”, which feels like it’s just asking all hackers out there to prove it wrong.

To save them the trouble, Sikur challenged bug bounty company HackerOne to test the phone’s impenetrability over a two-month period. After putting the SikurPhone through rigorous testing, HackerOne told Sikur it hadn’t succeeded in cracking the device’s security.