Sikur Launches Sony-Based Secure Android Smartphones, SikurPhone XZ1 & XA2

By: Alexander Maxham


In short: Sikur has announced that its SikurOS is now compatible with all Android smartphones, and it is also launching two highly secure smartphones that are based off of Sony’s more popular devices – the Xperia XZ1 and XA2. In fact these smartphones, even share those names as well. With the SikurPhone XZ1 and SikurPhone XA2. The hardware is the same as when Sony debuted these smartphones back in 2017, the only difference is the fact that it runs on Sikur’s highly secure Android software. Both of these devices have “several layers” of security, and it also has a pretty locked down app store. You cannot install third-party apps using the Unknown Sources feature that you would find on other smartphones. There are very few apps that are compatible with Sikur’s software. Sikur also has a cryptocurrency wallet, so if you are the type that owns some cryptocurrency, the SikurPhone is going to keep it nice and safe and away from hackers.